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Business Solutions

Drongo technology offers the following services for your business

Accounting software

The best and easy to use accounting software for your business. It is designed to cater for your needs. You can manage all your financial processes, from billing, client accounts to fiscal years.

Cloud Storage

Your business needs to easily share documents and files across the working environments, with the latest Technology, you can now share your files across easily and securely.


In today's world, businesses need the correct advice to ensure the best possible decisions. We will provide you with insight to the world of technology to help you make that decision.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management systems are among today's major technology solutions to businesses. Get tailor made software to manage your customers across your business.

System Design and Development

We exclusively tailor your brand identity to design and build systems that help you convert your idea of mere ink on paper to a website, cross-platform and native applications.

About Us

Drongo technology crafts technological solutions that grow your businesses.

Office Address

5th floor, Phoenix trees creative cluster plaza, No 58 Shengtai road, Nanjing, China.

Our Mission

To provide professional services that: Customers enjoy and love to use on daily basis, help businesses boost their influence in the market and expand their online user base, and competitors learn from.

Our Vision

To help businesses in Africa transition from traditional ways of doing businesses into using online systems and assist them with taking advantage of the technologies available.

Our Features

3 Steps to your business solution

Identify the problem and its source

The first step to solving your problem is to identify your problem, and its source. This step requires deep understanding of your business and the environment of your business. Identifying the problem will help in finding its source and proceeding to the next step.

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Provide the most suitable technological solution

The best solution is the one that will help your business overcome the problem(s) identified. The solutions provided will be able to sufficiently smoothen your business and ensure similar future problems can be solved with the same technological solution.

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Developing and maintaining the software

We will develop the software tailored to your business capability to maintain it. This includes training you on the usage and maintenance of the software developed. Drongo Technology will ensure that the developed software solution will solve your identified problem.

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Our Products

Drongo companies

AtoC — Africa to China

A B2B trading platform that aims to help small and medium sized businesses from Africa.

A real estate tech company that connects property sellers with interested buyers.


Online teaching platform with video call, whiteboard and other features integrated.

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